Medium/Low Voltage Electrical Systems Data Network, Sound, and Video Systems Domotics and ...

Medium/Low Voltage Electrical Systems

The experience we have gained allows us to cover all our customers’ needs, including consulting, design, installation, inspection, routine inspections, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the installations listed below.

  • Residential Electric Systems.
  • Industrial Electric Systems.
  • Service Industry Electric Systems.
  • Commercial Industry Electric Systems.
  • Sports Industry Electric Systems.
  • Water Raising and Purification Electric Systems.
  • Lighting Systems. Security Systems.
  • Fire Detection Systems.
  • Controlled Access Systems.
  • CC-TV Systems.
  • Atmospheric Discharge Systems.
  • Energy Consumption and Quality Supervision Systems.
  • Hook-up to electric network and installation of transformer and power supply compartments.
  • Medium Voltage Power Rings with Intelligent Control and Management Equipment.
  • Transformation on Medium/Low and Low/Low voltage networks.
  • Low voltage power supply networks with Power Center Power Supply Panels and sub-panels for final users.

Data Network, Sound, and Video Systems

  • Design and Installation of Equipment Cabinets for Sound Systems and Networks.
  • Installation of Data Network with Inspection and System Certification.
  • Installation of Fibre Optic Network with Certificate, Inspection, and System Certification.
  • Supply and installation of active and passive devices.
  • Sports Industry Electric Systems.
  • Installation of Video Surveillance and CC-TV Systems, Including the Supply of Equipment for Control, and Local and Remote Managment.

Cogeneration Systems

We install cogeneration systems consisting of a main motor, generator, heat recovery system, and electrical connections. The main motor converts the fuel into mechanical energy.

The generator converts the mechanical energy into electric energy. The heat recovery system collects and converts the heat from the main motor exhaust into thermal energy for the heating system.

Cogeneration consists in reaching a level of fuel efficiency greater than 80% while at the same time limiting the emission of greenhouse gases in comparison of the separate production of electricity and heat.



Solar Cell Systems

We install electric systems using renewable energy sources, such as systems using solar power. The solar cells transform direct sun light into electric energy. This is different compared to all other systems which require at least one intermediate step between the primary source and the production of electric energy: mechanical energy (ex. wind or hydroelectric generation, etc.) or thermal energy (ex. nuclear generation). Our engineers are able to provide timely service for maintenance, or for the quick installation of a system.

A solar cell is a device that is capable of converting solar energy directly into electrical energy using the photovoltaic effect and it can be used as an almost pure current generator or in a solar cell installation.

In general, solar cells appear to be very similar to the solar panels that use renewably energy, but the actually perform a completely different function. Solar panels are used to convert the renewable energy of the sun into thermal energy, which is used for the heating system. Solar cells are used to convert solar energy into electric power.

The solar cells we use are normally made from mono or poly crystalline silica and require that each solar cell have its surface cabled to a conductive material that channels the electrons.


Installation of Automation Systems for Buildings

  • Management and Intelligent Control of: Electric Panels, Lighting Systems, and User Power.
  • Management and Control of Ambient Comfort (Room Temperature Control, Airing, etc.)
  • Management and Control using Microprocessors of Chillers, Air Treatment Systems, and Heating Systems.
  • Energy Management, Selective User Load Control Based on Priority.

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

The experience we have gained allows us to cover all our customers’ needs, including consulting, design, installation, inspection, routine inspections, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the installations listed below.

  • Periodic Thermographic Analysis of Electric Equipment
  • Proposals for Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Based on Production Needs and Line Reliability
  • Contracts for Remote Management and Control Using GSM, ISDN, or Ethernet Network

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